Hello to All

How to begin this new chapter in my life? Well, I feel I owe you a few explanations before being caught up in this hish-hash.
I am up and coming in this world, finally. I have been fucking around for to long and now I reap from what I’ve sown.

Throughout my elementary, middle, and high school years I received many a visits from truancy officers. I had difficulty connecting to anyone or even being entertained.

I found that when attending classes regularly I became quite efficient in whatever subject I was faced. Then something would come up, drinking, boyfriend drama, generally fucking up my own life and, of course, not heeding any advice and falling into the clutches of the Human formed demons of this world.

Now I refuse to ponder on the past, less I do so to recognize and change something positive for the present and future.

Since I could not, DID not, finish even ninth grade I am now taking basically free GED classes at the local county’s Literacy center. I had been attending these classes before, but due to outside(horrid, male) influence, not to completion. Now I have a firm stance, almost firm, and a man to help me along.

My life has been filled with many sad, pathetic moments. I am told that when I retell some childhood story, never meaning for it to sound so, they are quite sad things. My  childhood was lonely, fearsome, dangerous, too sexually advanced, in general a normal childhood now in days.

Now I feel I may have bored you with this. I will say this, something my tutor said. “Being here for only and hour and a half allows you to take in the material, but not to get bored and have your mind start dwelling on other things.” So I finish with that, and will explain further plans in another posts.




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