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Wrong Night

Back again I am, of course! So I have some ideas I intend to put to the test starting this coming Monday, November 29 201o.

On Monday I have math classes from 11AM to 12:30PM. I am going to get the only other students’ number so I can speak to her about whether or not she would like to see about adding an extra day a week of tutoring, as opposed to just the twice a week.

I also intend on inquiring as to whether or not I can begin volunteering. I imagine this would look good on college papers and possibly good on a resume. Not to mention the benefits of knowing the staff.

After watching a documentary on people going through a much more difficult time than I, these are enduring colleges, I see that I can and will take on this so I can go onto a grand career path with even grander prospects.

I have a close friend who is about a year away from graduating to becoming a teacher, I have asked her to give me a mock writing essay so when I take the pre practice GED test I hope to be more likely for better marks.

I have been told if I score high enough on the pre tests I am allowed to take the GED tests. The only subject I have any major issues with is math, though there is science too but they seem to believe comprehension and common sense will get me through that part of the test(though this cannot be helpful with me wanting an Associates Degree of Science.).

Thus, here I am, trying to get this GED, get into college, learn to drive and attain a car, and also find a job, mind you, It is a difficult time to try and succeed in most things, and more so with not so many availabilities, though I know I am more blessed than some, that and guidance are all I can ask for.



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